Mr. Chavva Chandrasekhar Reddy (Chairman)

Our Mission

In an age of turmoil and instability, of malcontent and strife, education and empowerment are the only ways to unlock the minds of the global populace. And make them rise above religious and ideological differences.

Educations at an international scale, that fosters cross-cultural exposure, and empowerment that is localized, to lay the foundation for a better standard of living.

At Visu, we muster years of experiences, and leaps in technology, to sow the seeds of education and infrastructure across continents, with a focus on developing nations.

Because we believe that every small contribution can make a significant difference to the big picture – the dream we all cherish. A better tomorrow for everyone.

Mr. Chavva Chandrasekhar Reddy, aged 65 yrs is the chairman of Visu International Limited; he has also promoted Visu Educational Services Limited, Visu Cybertech Limited, UK which were merged with Visu International Limited. He was also one of the partners OF m/S. COACHING India, whose business was acquired by Visu International Limited; Mr. Reddy has over 2 decades of experience in running the companies successfully.

Mr. Reddy is a law graduate and started his practice as an attorney in the year 1960. Mr. Reddy was exposed to international law and represented India in various International Conferences held in Moscow, Berlin and Helsinki under the leader ship of the Legendary Mr. V.K Krishna Menon. During this period when he was in USA, he was a member of the U.S Technology Transfer Society, U.S chamber of Commerce and Australian chamber of Commerce. He was also a special Invitee to the Africian National Congress (ANC) and addressed the ANC in Johannesburg, South Africa. He is a member of the Osmania University academic senate at Hyderabad India.

Mr. CC Reddy is also an advisor to the Government of Andhra Pradesh on foreign Investments and